Bin Picking

Bin Picking is the name of the technique that is being used by a robot to grab objects that are randomly placed inside a box or on a pallet. This method allows a robot to grab objects rapidly without the need for extensive programming-time. In collaboration with intelligent vision and sensor systems, the robot scans the surface to pick up products and move them to the next place.
There are a number of technologies in Robotic Bin Picking application that enable us to overcome difficulties.
These :
  • Advanced Vision Systems: Vision systems help robots adapt to the environment around them and locate objects for picking. This gives robots the flexibility they need to pick random parts.
  • Effective Robot Tooling: robot grippers have advanced dramatically, helping robots more easily grasp a wide range of parts. Soft grippers enhance a robot’s ability to grasp a randomly oriented part.
  • Processing Architecture: a wealth of data is created when using vision-guided robots. Sometimes, there’s too much data for quick communication between a vision system (an external PC) and a robot. Smart cameras and embedded vision components are changing the way robots process data for flexible applications.
A number of different technologies are shaping the future of robotic bin picking, but the three mentioned above are some of the most important.
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