In industry, metals are processed in many ways to achieve a certain shape and size. These processes usually create burrs on the edges of the parts. The removal of these unwanted parts is also called deburring. Robotic deburring is when this process becomes automated.
The benefits of robotic deburring:
  • One of the most important benefits is that it is a much safer process. Robots reduce the risks of accidents that may occur in workplaces. As a result of these accidents; production may stop, equipment may be damaged and even a lawsuit may be filed against the company.
  • Robots succeed in repeatedly performing the same task without deviating from a predetermined route. This provides unprecedented precision, quality and consistency in deburring processes.
  • Robots are faster than manual processes and can work continuously without fatigue. This combination of speed and uptime leads to drastically improved throughput.
There are many different benefits of robotic deburring, but those listed above are some of the most important.

Eurobotik offers a wide range of solutions across a multitude of industries for robotic burr removal.