Robotic flaming has been specially developed to modify the surface tension of the material before painting, foaming or gluing processes, particularly in the automotive sector. In order to achieve optimum paint adhesion on polyolefin and polypropylene components, such as bumpers in the automotive industry, high surface tension must be generated. In addition, a clean reproducible surface is ensured.
Applications of Flaming
  • Automotive – For painting and bonding of car bumpers and instrument panels etc.
  • Plastics – Flame treatment offers enhanced adhesion solutions for cups, caps, cables and containers when printing or labeling.
  • Printing – Flaming, improves adhesion for laminating, coating and printing.
  • Film – Printing for gift wrapping, confectionery, etc.
Eurobotik has a wide experience in designing and implementing flaming solutions for the automotive industry. Please contact us so we can help you with a possible solution for your company.