Efficiently transporting materials in and out of your manufacturing process can make a big difference in your labor needs, time to market, and your bottom line.
Palletizing refers to the operation of loading an objects on a pallet or a similar device in a defined pattern. Depalletizing refers to the operation of unloading the loaded object in the reverse pattern.
Palletizing robots can be seen in many industries including food processing, manufacturing, and shipping. There is a large variety of robotic palletizers available with a large range of payload and reach.

Eurobotik,can provide a solution to give your production line the palletizing flexibility and product rate it needs to compete in today’s economy.

Benefits of Robotic Palletizing Systems

  • Brings down costs related to inefficiency and labor.
  • It provides flexibility for handling different sizes, shapes, and weights for one or more lines.
  • Low maintenance requirements ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Safety is enhanced with a palletizing method that brings down the noise, heavy lifting, and repetitive motion problems.
  • Conventional palletizers may have to be redesigned if there is a change in a pallet or product pattern; however, at a fraction of the cost, a robotic palletizer adapts to changes.