Using surface treatment technologies in sandblasting and painting processes is one of the new developments these days. Robotic sandblasting is a state-of-the-art method for safe, precise and efficient cleaning, stripping and preparation of metal surfaces. This system removes the operator from the blasting environment and keeps them from harm.
  • Benefits of Robotic Sandblasting :
  • One of the major benefits of robotic abrasive blasting is the consistency of the blast speed and pattern. An operator loses his attention as he gets tired. Robots provide repeatability and long run times without deviating from the specification.
  • Robotic sandblasting can be 6-8 times faster than manual sandblasting. This saves time, money and labor compared to manual blasting.
  • Sandblasting robots are typically operated remotely from outside the sandblasting area.
  • Workers are safer than manual blasting because they are not in the closed area during blasting.
  • With a robot, you can control where you are blasting all the time. During a manual operation, the blasting frequently continues off the part while the operator repositions his grasp. Over-blasting is also a concern with manual systems, as operators often blast longer than necessary or over the same area twice to ensure full coverage.
  • Robotic blasting significantly reduces the need for manual labor and therefore costs.
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