eurobotik brosur laser cutting 01


The system can drill different types of geometries on 3D plastic surfaces via six axis industrial robot and two axis galvo laser.

  • Cost Advantage was, according to Die Cutting Presses.
  • Great edge surface quality on holes.
  • Drilling accuracy up to ± 0,1 mm.
  • Don’t require cutting molds.

Robotic Laser System That Can Drill Holes And Geometries On Plastic 3D Surfaces

Eurobotik Lazer Hucre scaled

Cutting Samples

eurobotik cutting sample 1 scaled
eurobotik cutting sample 2 scaled
eurobotik cutting sample 3 scaled

Offline programming for various types of products

eurobotik brosur laser cutting 02
  • One of Unique Solution that control both 6-axis industrial robot and 2-axis galvo laser
  • Working on directly via 3D CAD models.
  • Spending lesser time for teaching new products on the system
  • Teaching drills and holes directly on 3D models.
  • Assign different laser parameters for each cut.
  • Making revisions easily on holes and geometries (shift, scale, etc.)
  • Automatically generates .dxf files for Galvo laser and path program for the robot.
  • Offline path control.
eurobotik brosur laser cutting 03

Inline Software Capabilities

eurobotik brosur laser cutting 04
  • Making basic drilling revisions of process during production.
  • Production monitoring.
  • Track life time of Robot Grippers.
  • Various types of assembly and integration options; direct integration of vacuum forming machines, etc.
eurobotik brosur laser cutting 05
eurobotik brosur laser cutting 06