Robotic Smart Screwing

In the assembly lines of the factories, robotic screwing systems are used, which provide labor saving and standardization of quality.
Today, these systems are of two main types:
  1.  Systems where the parts are placed in the fixtures and the location where the screwing process will be performed is certain
  2. These are the systems where cameras are used to find the location on the part where screwing will be performed.
In the first systems, screwing is done by fixing the part to be screwed in a precisely manufactured fixture. These systems are not preferred for the following reasons.
  • High manufacturing costs of the fixtures
  • The time required to place the part in the fixture extends the cycle time
  • The system becomes inoperable in the slightest mistake in the fixture
In the second system, the camera detects the location to be screwed and sends the coordinates to the robot.The cameras used in this system usually perform 2D or 3D scans, so there is a need for partial fixation against problems that may arise from depth and orientation. Also, the cameras used in these systems require constant lighting, are easily affected by external factors and their high costs limit the usage areas of these systems.

As Eurobotik, we have developed smart screwing as a solution to the problems in these two systems.

The Bnefits of Smart Screwing:
  • With the software we developed, we can make 6-dimensional (x,y,z,Rx,Ry,Rz) accurate location detection, thus eliminating the need for fixtures.
  • No piece placement in the fixture. Cycle time is shorter than the other two systems
  • Camera cost is lower than other systems
  • The system can adapt itself to external factors that will affect the scanning of the camera.
  • The system constantly adapts itself in case of large misalignments in screwing positions and reduces the processing time by updating the scanning point.
  • The system, which detects the factors affecting screw quality, constantly updates the screw configuration.
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